A move to outsource video game creation to the Ukraine


The practise of outsourcing game development has become widespread in recent years. Even huge corporations have come to recognise that they cannot accomplish everything on their own and have begun to outsource certain activities to foreign organisations. In the case of outsourced projects, the larger companies don’t have to worry about monotony and can provide their customers with a new and exciting experience. These possibilities are being taken advantage of by creative and dependable companies from across the globe, but Ukrainian start-ups are surpassing those from the rest of the world. Here is a summary of the reasons why Ukraine has become a popular place for outsourcing game development.


Nearly 90,000 IT workers in Ukraine have been certified by large global organisations in a variety of platforms, according to the most recent data. The number of professionals in Ukraine is much higher than in many other European nations. Experts predict that by the end of 2020, Ukraine’s IT workforce might reach 200,000 people. In terms of the number of IT professionals, Ukraine comes in fourth behind the United States, India, and Russia.


Every year, more than 36,000 Ukrainian students graduate from one of the country’s 400 globally renowned institutions. Many other nations with a reputation for innovation have fewer patents per capita than China does. As a result, Ukraine will never be short of software developers. The number of software development courses offered by Ukrainian institutions has also increased recently.


Ukraine is home to more than 1,000 software businesses, and customers may choose the one that best meets their needs. There are a number of Ukrainian IT companies that have offices outside Ukraine, and many of these companies are taking on the worldwide gaming giants. Software start-ups are also springing up, and more than 2000 of them are vying to make their mark on the global stage.


With Ukrainian companies, you’ll have a stronger ability to communicate with them. More than 85% of Ukraine’s software developers are competent English speakers. As a result, both the customer and the developers will be able to better explain their ideas and resolve any questions they may have. Ukrainian companies will be easier to communicate with, which is crucial for the game’s completion on schedule.

Although Ukraine’s average hourly wage is lower than in many other European nations, this does not imply that the services provided by these companies are of worse quality. Customers are generally pleased with the results they obtain from Ukrainian companies. Ukraine is a great place to get a software developer that charges $20-40 an hour, but a comparable engineer in the United States might cost you anything from $80-100 an hour.


In Ukraine, there is a wide range of competent developers from various platforms. This category includes game creators, software developers, OS code specialists, network administrators, and so on. Throughout the year, Ukraine hosts a variety of tech-related events. Clients that are interested in meeting varied teams might attend these events. If you’re looking to outsource your game development, don’t miss the major conferences organised by industry heavyweights.


Despite their importance being unnoticed, workplace morals and conditions have a significant impact on the creation of video games. Before entrusting their projects to an offshore business, clients should double-check the above two items. The infrastructural facilities in Ukraine need particular attention in this regard. The relationship between the customer and the employee is strictly professional in most of these Ukrainian businesses. Developers in Ukraine are renowned for their willingness to take on demanding responsibilities. People in Ukraine live a lifestyle that is very similar to that of Westerners, making cultural affinities with the United States even stronger.


Compared to other nations in the region, Ukraine is expanding at a quicker rate. There are more than 100 well-known multinational companies that have set up research and development centres in Ukraine. As a result of Ukraine’s leaps and bounds in software and video game creation, many companies in these sectors are now looking to hire Ukrainian software workers.


According to other nations, vacation days in Ukraine are much less than in other countries. As this nation is more homogeneous, just 10 paid vacation days are given out each year. Consider these variables if you are considering outsourcing your game development project to South or South-East Asia. In Asian nations, the number of holidays is going to be higher because of the diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the developers. So, if you’re looking to outsource your project, it’s always best to go with a Ukrainian company. Additionally, Ukrainian software professionals excel in Java, C#, PHP (PHP), Phyton, .Net, Blockchain technology, and other programming languages and frameworks.