Work with us - Win with us


Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, with a global client footprint spanning North America, Europe and Asia, Twin Win Games LLC is a professional development studio specializing in the production of high-quality games and entertainment apps of varying complexity and design requirements across different platforms and markets.


 Twin Win Games’ founders are twin sisters who bring more than 25 years of combined professional experience in the areas of game development, software production, and client services management. Their experience is the culmination of knowledge gained across every sphere of game development and art production.


Game development and porting engineering
Сasino Game Development
(slots, table games, sports)
Concept art and 2D/3D graphics
iOS/Android development


The Twin Win Games team is comprised of over 110+ experienced artists, engineers, designers and project managers who have worked on projects of varied complexity and technical needs. Our team is constantly growing and developing. One of the our values for us is a close-knit team that achieves all the goals and brings excellent results.


Passionate about games, hardware and technology platforms, our team constantly seeks ways to increase the quality and efficiency of their work in an effort to achieve the highest customer satisfaction level possible. We believe that it is not possible to create good products without passion. The products we produce are created to charge people with positive emotions and fun.


Our art and engineering teams possess extensive working knowledge of social and mobile game development as well as art creation for different types of genres, from casual and casino games to mid-core. The experience of our team allows us to carry out the most complex projects and tasks with high quality and on time. We strive to get excellent results in any project we are working on. Therefore, we select a dedicated and most suitable team for each project. 



17+ years of biz dev experience
15+ years in game industry
8+ years on executive positions

Natalia Makarova

CEO & Founder

17+ years of experience in IT and game development industry,
9+ years on managing position as a Vice President of Business Development
10+ years on operational position as a General Manager of game development studio

Tatiana Makarova

COO & Co-founder

10+ years of animation experience

8+ years of 2d art experience

7+ years in game industry

4+ years on art lead position

Andriy Pryspolskiy

Head of Art and Animation

16+ years in game industry
3+ years on art lead position
3+ years on art direction position

Nastya Sidorenko

Art Director

17+ years in web development
8+ years on game development
5+ years in management positions
4+ years on technical lead position

Pavel Ratushnyi

HTML5 Lead

7+ years of HR experience

10+ years of management experience
3+ year in the game development industry
6+ years in marketing research

Ksenia Kurdytska

HR Director

9+ years on project manager position
6+ years in IT
4+ years in game industry

Anya Vasilkovskaya

Head of Production

8+ years in marketing
8+ years in game industry
5+ years on motion designer position
4+years on graphic and motion designer lead position
3 year on animation lead position

Mariia Kuznetsova

Animation lead

6+ years in IT
5+ years on project manager position
3 year in game industry

Nataliia Yakymets