February 24, 2022. War in Europe. Russia has invaded Ukraine. 


The invasion of our country made us feel shocked. We can not believe that this is happening in 21-st century to us, in our country, to our residents.


  • We want to say thank you to our Ukrainian army for the strength of their spirit, courage and bravery in these difficult and terrible days of battle!


  • We want to say thank you to all the people who help each other to get through the border of the country, who provide shelter, food and medicine.


  • We want to say thank you to everyone who is spreading the word of faith, truth and support in the media and does not stand aside.


Our company is against hostility, violence and bloodshed. We want this war to end as soon as possible so that we can all return to our homes and continue to live in peace.


This war ​​must be stopped!!!


Please support Ukraine in any way you can! Together we can make a huge difference!

TwinWin Games: Overcoming Challenges for a Bright Future

TwinWin Games is a Ukrainian company specializing in game dev production, mobile development, online casino development and engineering services, has faced its fair share of challenges. had the honor to meet the company’s Founder and CEO, Natalia Makarova. As the company navigates through the difficulties brought about by the ongoing war in their country, TwinWin Games remains steadfast in its determination to overcome obstacles and build a prosperous future. Founded with a vision to deliver top-notch services in the gaming industry, TwinWin Games has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence. The company’s expertise in art production allows them to create visually stunning and engaging game content, while its mobile development capabilities ensure seamless experiences across various platforms.



HITSqwad partners with Twin Win Games

Developer of innovative jackpot games signs key deal with industry leader in online game development

HITSqwad, a dynamic new game studio that plans to become a leading provider of jackpot games, has joined forces with development studio Twin Win Games to help with the production of its highly innovative content.


Twin Win Games is an industry leader in online game development and has worked on hundreds of projects for customers in Europe, North America and Asia. The team consists of 100+ highly skilled and experienced developers, artists, animators, QAs and project managers.


HITSqwad partners with Twin Win Games

Twin Win to assist HitSqwad’s content production

HitSqwad and teamed-up with development studio Twin Win Games, with the new games studio to receive aid on the production of its content suite.

Under the terms of the agreement, Twin Win Games will assist the group with art production and game client development, where the provider plans to have one solution across all major operating systems and devices. It will also aim to allow HitSqwad to rapidly develop games and scale teams as and when required.


The online games development firm states that it has world on “hundreds of projects” for customers across Europe, North America and Asia.


Twin Win to assist HitSqwad’s content production

Outsourcing of the creation of video games

Because of globalisation, outsourcing software development has become a widespread practise. There is a growing trend of outsourcing everything from simple mobile apps to major banking software to reputable offshore companies. Even the world’s most well-known companies are outsourcing some of their work, which is inspiring smaller businesses to give it a go. The increasing number of outsourced projects demonstrates that small businesses are satisfied with the results they get from offshore developers. Several start-ups in India and Ukraine have grown to be multimillion dollar corporations, if this tendency is attentively observed.



Outsourcing of the creation of video games

IT outsourcing review: Ukraine

Contributions for IT outsourcing are a must in recent times, regardless of your industry. This place goes digital, and now not everybody can come up with the money to have an internal IT branch. So, if you happen to be such a person and settled in Ukraine, then the companies that offer IT in Ukraine are a good bet. To make your commercial business visible to virtual systems, you will need the help of an outsourced IT service carriers.


Ukraine is one of the jap Eco countries that is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for an IT job partner. Since 2017, the IT space in Ukraine has grown by 27 percent, with more than 185,000 IT professionals currently working within the u. s. a. A wide variety of IT agencies in Ukraine is predicted to double by 2025. Ukraine is now the fourth largest tech retailer on the field (after the United States, Russia, and India), with a corresponding increase in the number of job vacancies in Ukraine.



IT outsourcing review: Ukraine

Incorporating VR technology and outsourcing

Even in the game business, the use of virtual reality (VR) is becoming more commonplace. In fact, the game industry was one of the first to see the promise of virtual reality early on. Several other game makers were spurred on by the success of Pokemon Go, a basic virtual reality game. Virtual reality (VR) technology is also taking on in the entertainment business, and many more industries are expected to follow suit shortly.


It is a truly immersive experience that is based on the human senses and brings viewers to a new universe. As a result, VR game production requires a deep understanding of sensor technology and coding, as well as design, image processing, and more. Virtual reality games can’t be developed by a single team of software developers, and it’s always best to work with a firm that has teams with a wide range of skills and expertise. In terms of cost, outsourcing virtual reality game creation is preferable to recruiting a team of experts.



Incorporating VR technology and outsourcing

A move to outsource video game creation to the Ukraine

The practise of outsourcing game development has become widespread in recent years. Even huge corporations have come to recognise that they cannot accomplish everything on their own and have begun to outsource certain activities to foreign organisations. In the case of outsourced projects, the larger companies don’t have to worry about monotony and can provide their customers with a new and exciting experience. These possibilities are being taken advantage of by creative and dependable companies from across the globe, but Ukrainian start-ups are surpassing those from the rest of the world. Here is a summary of the reasons why Ukraine has become a popular place for outsourcing game development.


Nearly 90,000 IT workers in Ukraine have been certified by large global organisations in a variety of platforms, according to the most recent data. The number of professionals in Ukraine is much higher than in many other European nations. Experts predict that by the end of 2020, Ukraine’s IT workforce might reach 200,000 people. In terms of the number of IT professionals, Ukraine comes in fourth behind the United States, India, and Russia.


A move to outsource video game creation to the Ukraine

Why is it vital to offer games for outsourcing?

In 2010, the video game industry generated more over $25 billion in sales, according to ESA figures. Because smart phones have become more widely available, the number of gamers utilising them has surpassed expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Google Play or iTunes; gaming applications are always at the top of the lists. Games from all of these categories (PC, console, online, 3D) are growing their market by introducing more complex visuals and greater game play possibilities, making VR based games as popular as PC, console, online, 3D games.


So, people in the gaming sector are focusing on maintaining current clients and attempting to acquire new ones. Unlike in the past, game production is no longer prohibitively expensive and everyone may realise their ambitions. The ideal alternative is to outsource the game development to India or Ukraine, where most software companies provide excellent services at reasonable pricing. Game development start-ups are on the increase in these two nations, and the customer is ultimately responsible for determining which company is ideal for their needs.


Why is it vital to offer games for outsourcing?