Twin Win to assist HitSqwad’s content production


HitSqwad and teamed-up with development studio Twin Win Games, with the new games studio to receive aid on the production of its content suite.


Under the terms of the agreement, Twin Win Games will assist the group with art production and game client development, where the provider plans to have one solution across all major operating systems and devices. It will also aim to allow HitSqwad to rapidly develop games and scale teams as and when required.


The online games development firm states that it has world on “hundreds of projects” for customers across Europe, North America and Asia.


Natalia Makarova, founder of Twin Win Games, said: “We are very happy and proud to become partners with HitSqwad and to help bring its innovative ideas to life.


“We will work together with Charl and his team towards a common goal of creating high quality and entertaining content. We are sure that the synergy of our teams working together will deliver amazing results and that our partnership will grow with the success of each title.”


HitSqwad, which asserts that it has “identified a gap in the market for jackpot games,” will utilise Playzido’s open architecture platform to deliver a range of games, as well as permitting the firm to customise these to meet the regulatory requirements in each of the markets they target.


The group says that it has developed each jackpot slot with a mobile-first approach, as well as ensuring that the games are ultra-light weight for quick downloads and that the user interface is highly functional, but simple and easy to understand. HitSqwad’s first jackpot slots are set for launch via Playzido early in 2022.


Charl Geyser, CEO of HitSquad, commented: “This is another key partnership for HitSqwad. It will allow us to leverage Twin Win Games’ unrivalled experience and incredible team of talent to rapidly deliver our products on a single platform that covers most major operating systems, web browsers and devices.


“We are an ambitious studio and in Twin Win Games we have a partner that can help bring the vision for our business and, more importantly, the vision for our games to life. I look forward to a long and successful partnership between HitSqwad and Twin Win Games.”


Twin Win to assist HitSqwad’s content production